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Countdown now contains action plans to conserve 60 species and 17 habitats that are endangered or threatened in Cheshire. Many of these plans have action groups of local volunteers to carry out practical conservation work on the ground. Everyone can get involved, whatever their skills or abilities. He was mourned very much by his dear Mulle, who was depressed for the better part of two months despite getting a new friend, Totte, already the day after Sveske left us. She has, fortunately, recovered and is now deeply in love with Totte. I don't know if she still misses Sveske, but I do know that I miss him. He was a lovely bunny boy. Sveske now rests under a rhododendron in my garden where he loved to roam and eat anything that didn't move. We are fortunate to have known him.

Bunnymail can NOT be held responsible for the action/treatments of these vets. This list is based on recommendations from people who have had their rabbits treated by the veterinarians below and have been pleased with the service they received. The number of rabbit veterinarians presented here will of course grow over time, especially with your help. Born on 28 November 1999, she's a black and white mini lop eared doe and I love the bossy madam to bits. It's me in bits mainly with all the biting and scratching she does not to mention chomping her way through three telephone cables, skirting board and she obviously doesn't like my choice of wallpaper as she tries to strip it off at every opportunity! The tumors are the odd shaped lumps, on top of the kidney shaped object (the uterus). In the fourth picture you can see the vet measuring one of the tumors.

Sveske came to us when he was six months old from a local animal rescue centre where he had been born and raised. When I first saw him, I opened the door to the bunny room at the shelter, and he was right inside the door, digging away at his cage floor - obviously not pleased with room service. He was a very laid-back and friendly bunny. Loved his cuddles and would always settle down for them when he was on the sofa or somewhere else he was not supposed to be, and I came over to chase him down. He knew he could always melt my heart so I ended up cuddling him instead of getting angry.

He was a justarabbit, agouti-coloured with lop ears. The first six months or more he spent with us, he had one ear sticking right up in the air and the other hanging down the side of his head. It looked very funny indeed. His fur was the softest I've ever touched. In his own way, he was a beauty. Sveske and Mulle, who was three years old when they met, became inseparable before long. The only reason you could tell where one bunny began and the other ended was because one was agouti and the other black and white. Unfortunately, Sveske had a very weak digestive system. GI stasis was a frequent and very unwelcome guest in our home, but he always managed to get beyond it and back to his usual piggish behaviour. When he was 2½, he got another very serious case of GI stasis and this time he wasn't able to recover. He did recover twice in the two-week period he was sick, but eventually it became too much for him, and he died one night. I found him the next morning lying peacefully on his side.

Fun facts about rabbits

There is no downside to having a rabbit as a pet. Anyone who has had one of these little, furry balls of joy around their house knows how much of a mood-changer they can be. Children behave better around bunnies and they are able to develop positive traits of care and compassion if they have one from an early age. Adults, on the other hand, get to experience a new type of pet in their homes, one that is just as smart as a dog and as cute and funny as a kitten.

The largest rabbit that has ever been recorded by home owners is Darius, a 4-feet bunny weighing more than 50 pounds, which lives in the UK with its proud owner Annette Edwards. Rabbit enthusiasts have been known to take part in various competitions that included their pets, and every now and then they log in to to post pictures of them and brag about how special their bunnies are.

A domesticated rabbit can live between 5 and 8 years, with some exceptions being recorded to have reached as much as 16 years of life. During this lifespan, the bunny will see its 28 teeth suffering a constant growth. To prevent health problems and replicate the natural environment, the domesticated rabbit should be provided with a good number of wooden toys that it can chew on.

Bunnies have their own unique personalities. Just like with humans or dogs, interacting with different rabbits will give you different experiences. Some of them are full of energy and active all of the time, while others patiently wait for you to pet them before releasing a cat-like purr. Most of them, however, can get bored very easily. So, if you waste all of your time with London escorts without paying them any attention, they will suffer greatly and become depressed.

Rabbits are very clean animals. They take great care in grooming their fur and keeping their environment clean. This even implies them eating their own droppings from time to time. While this is the last subject that you would bring in a conversation with and escort, you should always remember to keep their space clean and serve them with real food instead.

Every year, animal shelters across the country are confronted with a sad phenomenon called “Bunny fever”. This usually takes place during the Easter holidays when many people take the uninspired decision of gifting bunnies to their friends and families, who in return abandon them just a few weeks later. Despite being irresistibly cute, rabbits are real-life pets that need care and protection, as well as food and medical attention. Most people fail to understand this, and instead of asking other people like escorts for gift ideas, they go ahead and purchase small bunnies for their children.

Just like any other animal, rabbits must be treated with love and respect and people who wish to raise them as pets should know that they are more than just fluffy toys you can use to decorate your home with.